MY EXPERIENCE…Playboy Magazine for 16 years as Editor, Producer, Make-up Artist and Wardrobe Stylist and the last 5 as photographer. My photography, producing, make-up and styling led me to work with many other publications and great photographers. My passion for photography and travel has also led me to travel, live and photograph in many cities and countries around the world.
MY LIFE…I have been extremely fortunate in my life on virtually every level. I have traveled to so many amazing places in the world. I have experienced, worked with, and learned from so many of the best professionals in this business of producing images. But I am most fortunate because I adore what I do for a living. With great influence from my father, I knew since age 9 that a photographer is what I would be when I grew up.
MY FAMILY…I love my husband even more than my photography and I am so happy and lucky to have him as a partner. Not only does he have an amazing artistic eye, but he is crazy brilliant, handsome and always adds fun and laughter to my day. He is passionate about life, sports, arts, friends and family. He is not only the brains behind the business, but best husband a girl could ever have.